What’s wrong with your pa$$w0rd? – Lorrie Faith Cranor

The discussion on access control seems to be common place these days with the latest revelations news. Found this video on some research Lorrie is doing on the subject very interesting and insightful.

Importance of Updates in Website Security – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and CMS’s

TonyonSecurity - Security Components

In my recent post talking to the dilemma that is WordPress Security, there seemed to be some confusion as to my position on updates. Allow me a moment to provide clarity on the subject, yes, updates are very important. My previous statements are … [Continue reading]

The Dilemma that is WordPress Security

The past few weeks WordPress Security has come to the forefront of the discussion again, as it often does every few months. As is often the case, it’s highly emotional and generates a lot of discussion. Chris Lema shared a post, Our discussions … [Continue reading]

Explaining XSS and CSRF By Google

Came across this video earlier today and found it very informative - explaining the difference between XSS and CSRF (XSRF). I find that most people rarely understand or differentiate between the two so hopefully this video helps. It's laid out in a … [Continue reading]

Secure Your Traffic on Public WiFi’s


Often when I give talks on website security one of the various discussion points is, and rightfully so, around your individual posture when interacting on the web. This often means being aware of things like transferring your data insecurely over the … [Continue reading]