Sucuri Is Hiring!!

Please pass this on to your contacts, my company, Sucuri, is actively hiring. If you think you’d make a good fit please let us know.

WordPress Security – Learning From Hacks

This evening I will be giving a presentation at WordSesh at midnight PST (0800 UTC). Here is the presentation I plan to give. When the video is published I will share it as well. This goal of this presentation is to learn from hacks as … [Continue reading]

Forensics – Analyzing a WordPress Attack / Hack

Recently one of our honeypots was it by an attacker and in the process we were able to gather a bunch of good intelligence on the actions taken by the attacker. I write and detail the forensics of the attack in my latest post, Case Study: Analyzing a … [Continue reading]

Analysis of Top 1 Million Domains

Over at Sucuri, our researchers have been having fun downloading the internet, in the process they found some interesting data. Enjoy. Also be sure to check out the blog post on the subject. … [Continue reading]

OSSEC – Stop Agent Email Notifications from Being Grouped

This a quick post, for those of you that manage multiple agents under your manager, there might be instances where your email notifications will group different agent notifications together. This has to do with two things: Number of emails … [Continue reading]