Accounting for Security in Website Projects

Many know very little about me, my past what I used to do, most just know me for my time in security. There was a time though that I spent as Project / Program Manager for a couple different organizations. I even dabbled in a WordPress centric design / development shop called CubicTwo in early 2010.

The scale of the projects and programs I was involved in ranged from $50,000 to over $6,000,000 (multiple at any given time) and varied in complexity (these weren’t simple websites, they were enterprise level systems). While different in size and scale, they did hold similarities to what most website projects today look like, just at a very different level. I fortunately had the luxury that my stakeholders didn’t require any education on the importance of security, being they were municipalities or government entities, the security discussion was a lot easier.

This however is not the case for everyday website projects, and worth taking some time to discuss.
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What’s wrong with your pa$$w0rd? – Lorrie Faith Cranor

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Importance of Updates in Website Security – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and CMS’s

TonyonSecurity - Security Components

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The Dilemma that is WordPress Security

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Explaining XSS and CSRF By Google

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Secure Your Traffic on Public WiFi’s


Often when I give talks on website security one of the various discussion points is, and rightfully so, around your individual posture when interacting on the web. This often means being aware of things like transferring your data insecurely over the … [Continue reading]

Sucuri Is Hiring!!

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WordPress Security – Learning From Hacks

This evening I will be giving a presentation at WordSesh at midnight PST (0800 UTC). Here is the presentation I plan to give. When the video is published I will share it as well. This goal of this presentation is to learn from hacks as … [Continue reading]

Forensics – Analyzing a WordPress Attack / Hack

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Analysis of Top 1 Million Domains

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